Dangers Of Internet Fiber Optic Glass Fibers

We don’t usually think twice when installing fiber optic cables for our TVs and computers. We have the cable TV or internet provider send a person to install these for us. The job may look easy but it does have its hazards. Did you know that fiber optic cables are actually made up of teeny-tiny glass fibers? They are needle-like glass in form. Not only are they hard to see when broken off from the main fiber optic line, but they can also seriously injure someone if touched, swallowed, or a piece get’s into the eye.

If you’re doing activities that require exposure to open fiber optic cables, proceed with caution. Wear personal protective equipment when dealing with fiber optics that are exposed. If you don’t wear the proper gloves or goggles when handling these, the little glass fibers can get into your skin and your hands. They’re so small that you can hardly see them. Slivers are painful enough. Not being able to remove them because they’re invisible makes the small injury prone to infections. ALS Glass Works pool fencing company can tell you that being cut by glass is painful. It’s even more annoying when your injury is caused by little microscopic needle-like glass in your skin.

When working with fiber optics, the fiber, like with electrical wires, need stripping and cutting. When doing these activities, you’re the most vulnerable to injury. Usually tiny bits of glass fibers that you can’t see with the naked eye can be spread easily and can be left behind if the work station is not cleaned properly. Others might come along afterwards not knowing that a fiber optic cable has been cut at that location and they can accidently expose themselves to the microscopic shards left behind. Our bodies cannot process or digest these glass shards so they will stay in our bodies until they’re removed. However, because these fibers are so hard to see, they are not easily identified and taken out. If these shards somehow get spilled onto food you or other people will be eating, it is really dangerous. These shards will wreak havoc in your esophagus, stomach, and intestines causing you to bleed internally and die. Because it is glass, it will be hard for x-rays to identify and surgeons to remove before it causes major damage. So be really careful. It can mean your life to wear protective equipment and to be neat and tidy when working with these things. It is also very important not to expose these glass fibers to food that will be consumed.