Why You Should Go For WordPress Premium?

Why You Should Go For Wordpress Premium?

You may be one of the countless others who fell in love with the WordPress Free plan from the first day you tried it out to launch and manage your site. Perhaps you were mesmerized by its full-featured content management system, which doesn’t cost you a dime to use. After all, who wouldn’t want to bypass the need to hire a bunch of web developers to set up a seamless and professional-looking website that tickles the fancy?

Why You Should Go For WordPress Premium?

From being a blogging system that started in 2003 to the fastest growing content management system that powers 30% of the web, it has obviously outgrown its blogging roots because it services a wide variety of users – web novices and techno-savvy folks alike.

However, if you’re an entrepreneur or a freelancer, you’ll find WordPress Premium more useful to you than any other plan. Using it will give you a head start over your contemporaries who use the Free Plan. Here are some of the reasons why.

With loads of advanced tools at your disposal, you can build a unique website that identifies your equally unique brand name through its custom domain name feature. Aside from the automatically enabled jetpack essential features called plugins for self-hosted sites, you’ll also enjoy email and chat live support, unlimited premium themes, advanced design customization, 13GB storage space, and the removal of WordPress.com ads. The Premium plan also allows you to monetize your site and facilitate simple payments. Lastly, you’ll have VideoPress support.

The Free Plan can only do so much because of its limitations. If you go Premium, added features will be unlocked and you’ll have the liberty to use the tools you need to transform your site from something that looks free to something that looks professional.

If you’re willing to pay extra for a product that’s extra special, go for WordPress Premium today!