How To Be A People Person In The Digital Business World

Technology is definitely a force for good in the business world. However, some people fear that with everything being digitized, we lose a lot of face to face interaction and personal touch in business. To keep you and your business approachable to clients and customers, Webgator SEO Sydney gives advice on things you can do:

1. Interact with your clients like you would with friend. Use their first name if appropriate. In some cultures, it is rude to call people by their first name so find out more about your client if able and act accordingly. Be very friendly.

2. Be polite and professional. Customers love that extra touch. Always say please and thank you when dealing with clients. Thank you notes with a little gift go a long way to help them impress in their minds that you really care.

3. Have special promotions for your very own clients. Depending on your business, have a little membership club card which offers great deals for people that deal with your business often.

4. For special holiday seasons or other special occasions, send little notes with a little gift that makes their days or seasons even more special and will make them think of your business often.

5. Host little classes or fun lesson sessions for clients or customers if appropriate for your business. It’s a great way to advertise and get to know clients on a personal level.

6. Make it easy for clients and customers to interact. There are a lot of social media outlets you can use now free of charge to be able to interact better with clients and learn new trends. Research each social media platform and put your business on several of those social media sites. Invite clients to add you to their social media pages. That way their family and friends will be able to get exposure to your business. Almost everyone is connected via social media so having your business on a social media site is one of the best ways to get more clients.

7. Build a website that’s mobile device friendly and easy for regular people to navigate. Not everyone knows the high-tech lingo that comes with new technology. Keep your website easy to use and understand. Put in original and unique graphics that will make you stand out from competing websites. Include content that is useful for clients.

8. Get input from customers and clients by means of short surveys and reply to their input if possible. This will help you to see areas of improvement from your clients’ viewpoints.

9. Be kid friendly. Have candies or cookies (or fruit for kids with allergies) available on hand in a bowl for clients’ kids if appropriate. This will make kids love going to visit your place of business with their parents.